Chicken Rice stand in food court
I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but it took us five days to branch out and try a Singaporean meal (we've been flocking to dishes that we know). Last night we tried chicken rice for dinner at the Takashimaya department store food court. 

Chicken rice is as basic as it sounds - it's chicken on top of rice. The chicken is cooked in several different ways - roasted, fried, steamed - you get to pick which one you want. I believe the rice is cooked in chicken broth and an aromatic oil that I couldn't quite identify. Overall the dish was good but I wasn't blown away like the guide books said I would be. 

Chicken rice
The one thing that was a little unnerving about the chicken rice stand is that they display the dead, roasted chickens in the windows, with heads and all. Seeing the sad eyes of the chickens made it a little difficult for me to eat the dish. However, displaying entire dead animals in food establishment windows seems to be common practice here in Singapore (I've seen ducks and pigs as well), so I'll continue to keep an open mind.

Diane Lopez
8/8/2012 18:04:23

Oh No! Dead animals hanging in the windows!! Where has Joe taken you Ana? What an adventure! FYI: We have chicken and rice here in AZ and no dead animals in my windows! Can't wait to see you children!


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