Joe captured this stunning sunset on our first day in Boracay while we were eating dinner on the beach at Manana Mexican Restaurant. There are many sailboats off the coast of White Beach. As you walk up and down the beach, locals will try and sell you on a sailboat ride for a day of island hopping. 
The local children were really good at sculpting things out of sand. Every night, we saw similar sculptures along the beach. The catch - they wanted a donation if you took a photo of their creation.
I think this photo speaks for itself... haha!
We took this photo as a storm made its way over Boracay. Rain on vacation is no fun, but I'll admit, this was a pretty cool photo.
We walked up and down White Beach every day. The water along the coast is really shallow, so we enjoyed splashing through the water to cool down.
This Catholic statue was built on natural rocks along White Beach.

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