Enjoying dinner at Modesto's
With all of the great Asian cuisine in Singapore, I almost feel guilty admitting that Joe and I needed a break from it... but we did. And what did we turn to? Italian food. Of course, being in Singapore, we paid a premium for it, but the meal was worth every penny. 

We got our fix of pizza, pasta and a hearty, fresh salad (a rarity in Asia) at a nearby restaurant called Modesto's. While it definitely wasn't the best Italian food I've ever had, it was a nice change of pace. 

For those of you who are thinking, "jeez, pizza and pasta don't belong in a travel blog about Asia," here is your Asian fun fact of the day. You can tell when a restaurant's management is influenced by western culture by the order in which your food is served. In America, we're used to different courses - appetizers come out first, followed by salads and then our entrees. In Asia, many restaurants do not distinguish between courses - food is simply delivered to you when it's ready in the kitchen. You may get your entree before anything else arrives and some people may get their food way before others in your party (we've had to forgo politeness to eat while our dishes were hot!).

If you visit Asia and experience this, my suggestion is to go with the flow. It's easier to accept the cultural difference rather than try to explain that you want the appetizer delivered first... cultural and language barriers may prevent you from getting the food at all if you attempt this. 

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