Some of our friends and family back home have asked about the winter weather here in Singapore, so I thought I'd write a posting on this topic. In short, the weather here is always hot and winter is no different. We're only a few degrees from the equator, so thankfully (for me at least), we won't see any snow while we're here. It does feel a little strange to be in balmy 90 degree weather everyday because it makes me forget what month it is!

However, there is one negative to being in a tropical climate. Winter in Singapore means it's monsoon season here. We are pelted with rain everyday, usually in the afternoon around 2pm. One minute the skies are sunny and blue, and the next minute it's a grey, thunderous apocalypse outside. The showers here are heavy and violent... so much so that an umbrella won't keep you dry. And, as you can see in the video below, the rain hinders visibility. You can barely see our neighboring buildings during a storm (compare the video with the photo of a sunny day).

Needless to say, monsoon season has kept me indoors more often than I'd like to be! 

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