Today was an exciting day... our Singapore visas are official! Joe and I visited the Ministry of Manpower (or as I say, in a British accent, the Ministry of Magic) to get our documentation finalized (unfortunately we didn't run into Harry P). The process was surprisingly quick and efficient, although I should have expected no less from Singapore! 

With our magical papers all stamped and signed, we had permission from the government to sign up for cell phone service. It feels good to be connected to the world again, although it's kind of weird to have a Singapore phone number. Joe and I are most excited about having our beloved maps app back to help us navigate the city. Oh how the iPhone has spoiled us!

On a more random note, I discovered a new love: fuji apple soda. Yum!

Anne-Marie Barker
8/10/2012 15:34:49

Ha! Your British accent! I know firsthand how excellent it is!


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