U.S. plane
Our second full day in Saigon started off with a sobering visit to the Vietnam War Remnants museum. We took photos with the U.S. tanks and planes that were displayed in front of the museum... but that's where the photos stopped. What we saw in the museum was too disturbing to capture.

We were warned by our Cu Chi tour guide that the museum would have a very anti-American sentiment, and he was not kidding. The museum touted Americans as being terrible people and showed very graphic images from the war. It was difficult to look at the photos. And, it was a little uneasy for me to speak in front of others as I felt those around us were judging us for being American.

The brutality of war is very disturbing, no matter what side you're on. I venture to guess that both sides were equally violent, and in the museum, I had to keep reminding myself that we were only seeing one side of the story. 

We saw several old men who we guessed were veterans of the war. I can't imagine how they felt as they walked through the museum. I noticed one man who had stopped in the middle of the floor, looking off into the distance at nothing with glossy eyes - he looked like he might cry. His wife came to his side and consoled him before he started walking again. 

The museum is a very emotional experience - one that I'm glad to have had.

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