Old Airport road hawker center
According to Singaporeans, one of the best places to grab lunch is the hawker center on Old Airport Road. Paige introduced us to this little gem. I knew it was an authentic Singaporean hangout because we were the only foreigners there. 

A hawker center is similar to a food court, but far more basic and the food is cheaper. They are basically outdoor stalls with a roof overhead and fans instead of air conditioning.

We selected the fried kway teow stand, which was very popular. In fact, the line never died down at the stall. People waited at least 20 minutes to grab some grub. You know the food is good when people are willing to stand in line at this type of establishment, especially because there were many other choices in the hawker center.

$3 fried kway teow
So, what is fried kway teow? To be honest, I'm not really sure. I know there were flat rice noodles in the dish, but other than that, everything else was a mystery. We didn't ask any questions - the mystery meat inside was tasty, as was the entire dish. And best of all, this lunch was only US$3-4 (depending on what size plate you chose). What a steal!

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