Enjoying lunch solo at Monsoon Restaurant
While Sunday was a busy, exciting day of touring for Joe and I, the coming of Monday meant Joe had to go to work. This is when my time in Yangon got a little more boring. I had intended to visit the National Museum, but found out it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays after taking a cab all the way there (this info should really be posted on the museum's website... it would have saved me a trip!). Since we left early on Wednesday morning, the museum was a no go for me. And, seeing as how Myanmar is really undeveloped, there wasn't much else for me to do in Yangon.

I, of course, entertained myself by spending most of my time at some of the local restaurants I had read about. My favorite meal was at Monsoon Restaurant (I ate solo while Joe was at work) where I enjoyed a dish of beef and bamboo shoots. The restaurant was really cute and very modern, and the waitstaff spoke English surprisingly well.

But rather than bore you with accounts of my not-so-exciting meals (I caved and ate a burger two meals in a row because I was craving western food...), I'm happy to share that Joe volunteered to be a guest author on my blog! He's going to share his insights since he had a chance to see and do more in Myanmar through his business endeavors. Stay tuned!

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