Last night, when we got home from the gym, I noticed a flutter out of the corner of my eye. I thought a moth was flying around the ceiling. That's when Joe exclaimed, "There's a lizard in our room!"

A cute, little, yellow lizard had somehow gotten into our apartment... which is strange because there are not a lot of vermin in the city (they fog all the pests here). Although the lizard was cute, we had to get rid of the unwelcome house guest. Easier said than done... the lizard was quick! It scurried all around the room, until we finally trapped it under our bed headboard.

Joe used his cat-like reflexes the trap the lizard... it was quite exciting as you'll hear from my commentary in the video below. The hotel staff then took the lizard outside and set him free :)
8/23/2012 14:07:24

Ana, was that you screaming like a school girl on that video?

8/24/2012 13:00:04

hahaha i laugh everytime

8/26/2012 02:08:22

Ha ha... yes, that was me screaming. Our lizard trapping escapade was nerve-wracking!

Joe (the lizard hunter)
8/30/2012 04:56:50

"Our" lizard trapping escapade...? I only see one lizard trapper and the rest is all squealing commentary!

Hi Mark and Emily. Mark - your new addition is so cute!


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