At the Delta Sky Club lounge
We arrived in Tokyo to find out that our flight to Singapore is delayed by about 50 minutes. I actually welcomed this break from sitting on the plane! I was quite restless after our 13-hour flight, although it was relatively comfortable since we were fortunate enough to travel in business class.

The bed pod seats were pretty awesome! It's nice to be able to lay flat on a plane, although I always have trouble sleeping on planes so I wasn't very successful at getting some rest, even with the added comfort. I passed the time by watching a million movies (my favorite was Bolt) and reading (currently reading Eat, Love, Pray). Joe and I were really pleased with the food onboard... our dinner of braised short ribs and pureed parsnips with baby carrots was surprisingly delicious for an airplane meal!

Joe and I are currently chilling in the Delta Sky Club lounge at the Narita airport to pass the time. It's super nice and I love the spread of Japanese food. My favorite thing here is the fact that they have iced green tea on tap in the soda machine... oh how I love Asia! And, I was quite surprised by the heated toilet seats in the bathroom... which would have been a little more pleasant if I wasn't hot and sweaty right now (those of you who know me well know that I sweat like a man!). My only complaint is that the airport feels like it's 100 degrees. They need an air conditioning boost in here!

Our bed pod seats on the plane
Diane Lopez
8/1/2012 22:46:56

So sorry to hear about the visa problem. You'll have to fill us in on the details later. Hopefully all will run smoothly from now on. Get some sleep on the next flight (those bed pods look like something in a sci fi movie!).....XO

Bert Kopf
8/2/2012 00:02:52

So happy for the two of you! I feel like another daughter of mine is moving abroad! Looking forward to following your adventure through your blog. Who knows, we may have to visit! Enjoy life, and each other!

Steven Boyd
8/2/2012 05:27:09

Nice picture of "Joe and I" at the top right. It really brings out Joe's eyes.

Jacqueline Bryant
8/2/2012 08:15:05

So excited for the two of you as you embark on this new adventure! Have fun, enjoy each other, and most importantly be safe! Looking forward to following your updates through your blog.



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