8 on Claymore
We're finally unpacked and our little apartment in the 8 on Claymore high rise is starting to feel more like home. Check out the photos tab on this site to see photos of our place!

Yesterday we explored a few different food courts and then attended a house warming party for Joe's boss, Friedrich. Friedrich just moved to an area called Holland Village which is a popular place for Singapore expats. I've heard there's a good American sports bar in that neighborhood where we can catch an American football game or two in the fall if we're feeling homesick. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos while we were in Holland Village... but it's an area we'll definitely explore again so I'll have to remember to use my camera next time!

At Friedrich's party, I had the chance to meet a few of Joe's colleagues. His colleagues Sally and Biyon are Singaporean, so it was nice to pick their brains about what to see, where to go, etc. Sally told us that 20 years ago, you could purchase a plot of land in Holland Village for less than $10,000. Today, these plots of land cost more than $1 million! You can tell that most of the folks in the area are wealthy because they own cars. Cars are certainly a luxury in Singapore... a Toyota Camry will cost you about $178,000 - no joke! Needless to say, most people don't own cars! It's a good thing the public transportation system is so convenient and affordable.

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