On our first of three planes.
Joe and I are on our way to Singapore! I can't believe we're finally in the air. The move hasn't felt real until now and I can't wait to see what our new home looks like.

Of course, traveling is never easy when it comes to our trips! We had quite the scare at the Detroit airport this morning when we checked into our flight. The folks at Delta told us we didn't have valid visa paperwork to enter Singapore... what a heart attack! Luckily, we got things sorted out (although I was annoyed by the 30-minute wait!). 

Now, we're on our first of three planes on the trek to Singapore, which will be about 21 hours of traveling. First stop is Minneapolis. Then, we'll change planes and head to Tokyo. We have a short layover in Japan and then we head off to the Lion City.

Hopefully, we'll have internet in-flight when we switch planes in Minneapolis. I know some of you (Olivia) want to see pictures of our bed pod seats. I hope they're big enough for me to snuggle with Joe (slumber party!). Joe thinks the flight attendants are going to yell at me for trying... but I'm going to do it anyway :)

Diane Lopez
8/1/2012 19:18:53

I love this blog! Oh so excited to see what life has to hold for you two! I'll definitely be checking in regularly to get the "full" effect of your adventure!. Ana, you're something else honey! Thanks for enriching our lives with your love for Joe and also your patience, affection and love for Raul and I!........."write on"!!!!!! xoxo


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