Water in the dehumidifier
It is extremely humid here in Singapore. If we don't keep our apartment ice cold, condensation forms on the walls and the floor. However, I can't stand being cold, so I tend to keep our thermostat set at a higher temperature.

We bought some small, cheap dehumidifiers to battle the condensation problem. For days after we set them up around the apartment, I would check them religiously. I felt like a little kid, waiting anxiously to see if an experiment would work. I wanted instant gratification, but had no such luck.

Of course, the novelty of the gadgets wore off and I forgot about them. But just a few minutes ago, I picked one up and... success! See the water that collected at the bottom of the dehumidifier? As you can tell, it's the little things in life that excite and amuse me :)

Diane Lopez
9/6/2012 15:40:53

Wow Ana, thats quite the humidifier alright! I never would have guessed something so "crude" looking would do the job! You and Joe now need to find a "gadget" to catch those pesky little lizards! Luv!

Diane Lopez
9/6/2012 15:42:50

DEHUMIDIFIER! Darn it! I'm delirious......it's around 3:40 in the afternoon and I forgot to eat lunch! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

8/4/2015 17:38:01

Wow amazing! Thanks for share with us


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