Cookies to celebrate Eid
The staff members at 8 on Claymore are fantastic, and I've enjoyed getting to know some of them better. Yesterday, as I was hanging out in the resident's lounge, Zaine (an employee) asked me if I'd like to try some traditional Malay cookies. Zaine is Malay and Chinese, and explained that the cookies were part of the Eid celebration. 

Many of the staff here are Malay and practice the Muslim religion. Zaine explained that after the Ramadan month of fasting (which ended a few weeks ago), Malays celebrate Eid with a month of feasting. Each weekend, Malay women cook a large feast and invite family and friends to their homes. Everyone dresses in traditional Malay outfits for the occasion. Zaine's mother had baked a wide assortment of cookies, and had asked that he share them with his friends. Zaine joked that after a month of fasting, people typically lose about 5kg (11 pounds) and so he's been hard at work, eating to gain the weight back.

Funny enough, the night before, I had complained to Joe that I had an intense craving for chocolate chip cookies (but it was late at night and most stores were closed). I certainly satisfied the craving with the assortment of goodies from Zaine's mother!

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