Well, our time in Singapore has almost come to an end. It's been an incredible six month adventure for both Joe and I, and I've loved every minute of it!

Before we journeyed to the Far East, I felt overwhelmed by all of the opportunities to explore the region. How were we going to do everything we wanted to do and see everything we wanted to see? However, we accomplished more than I ever could have imagined.

In just six months, we traveled to 11 different cities (not including Singapore) and thoroughly explored the multitude of history and culture the region has to offer. I took a total of 3,330 photos and love reliving our travels through them. The memories we've created here are amazing and I'm really glad to have had this opportunity.

My favorite thing about Singapore was the diversity of this country. It was really neat to meet people from different countries and to enjoy the many cuisines here. A second place favorite was the accessibility and comfort of Singapore. The transportation here is awesome, and you never have to worry about needing a clean place to eat or take a break. Third, I really liked the hot weather here. There were times I could have used a little more sunshine (we were here during rainy season), but it sure beats suffering through a cold winter in the states!

My favorite experiences during these past six months were our trips to Bali and Koh Phi Phi because there were a few "firsts" for me. In Bali, I loved learning how to surf. It was difficult, but a ton of fun. In Koh Phi Phi, I loved island hopping and snorkeling with the tropical marine life. I've never seen such beautiful ocean in my life! Plus, it was nice to share the experience with the Lopez family. 

I hope all of you have enjoyed reading about our adventures through my blog. I made it a goal to document everything, both to keep in touch with friends and family and so that Joe and I can remember our trips for years to come. Our next adventure, house hunting in North Carolina, won't be nearly as exciting, but Joe and I are looking forward to returning back to the US. However, don't think our travels are done for a while... we're already planning our next few trips for 2013. The travel bug has gotten the best of us!

Adios Southeast Asia... until next time!!!

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