White Beach
Joe and I spent a week in Boracay, Philippines during the holiday break. The journey there was a little rough, but well worth it. Boracay is a paradise with a beautiful stretch of beach.

Our journey started with a red-eye flight from Singapore to Cebu, and then a second flight to Boracay. The Boracay airport is actually on a neighboring island called Caticlan. So, we had to take a short boat ride to Boracay. I haven't traveled overnight in several years, and I'd forgotten how rough it can be. By the time we got to the hotel (at about 8am) Joe and I were so tired we could barely move. Our room wasn't ready yet, so we took naps on beach chairs by the pool, despite the sweltering heat and screaming children.

After catching up on our sleep, we were ready to enjoy our time in Boracay. The island is small and pretty touristy, so there wasn't much to do in terms of sightseeing. It was more of a relaxation getaway. We enjoyed the beach and the pool, ate a ton of great food, and slept a lot. So, to be honest, there's not much to highlight in this blog posting. I'll keep it short and sweet.

All of the resorts on Boracay are situated on White Beach, a long stretch of beautiful beach with powdery, white sand and clear water. The resorts vary in size from small mom and pop places to large complexes with multiple pools. There are also a ton of restaurants along the beach that offer a wide range of cuisine and really good food. My favorite was an Italian restaurant called Aria, which we visited about five times.

Obama Grill
Spending Christmas away from friends and family was pretty strange, especially since we were on a tropical island rather than in the snow. Luckily, since many Filipinos are Catholic, Boracay was pretty festive and we got a little taste of holiday cheer.

Joe and I got a kick out of a restaurant called Obama Grill, so we decided to have our Christmas Eve dinner there. Who knew that we'd be celebrating the holidays at Obama's in the Philippines? After dinner, we had drinks on the beach at a small hotel and were surprised when a fireworks show erupted. It was a fun little highlight of the night.

Dinner at Obama's on Christmas Eve
Fireworks on White Beach
Christmas Day photo
On Christmas Day, after lounging on the beach all day, we celebrated the holiday with some yummy steaks at the Boracay Steakhouse. It was a quaint celebration, but we made the most of it!

Although I don't have much to say in this blog posting, we captured some stunning photos in Boracay. I'll share some of these in subsequent postings to give you a better taste of what we experienced.

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