Masjid Sultan Mosque
The month of November was certainly a whirlwind of travel for Joe and I... speaking of, our update on Myanmar is coming your way soon. However, we did take some time to explore a part of Singapore we'd never been to before - Arab Street.

Just as it sounds, Arab Street and the surrounding area (a few blocks) is a little nook that is known for its Middle Eastern influence. The main building in this area is the impressive Masjid Sultan Mosque. It's a beautiful building that towers over stores and restaurants.

Textiles are a booming business in this area. We saw several stores full of beautiful, colorful fabrics as well as fine oriental rugs. Aside from raw materials, Arab Street is also known for boutique shopping. There are many cute stores that sell interesting, unique clothing at a reasonable price. It's a nice change from the brand name stores in the Orchard area. I'm definitely going to go back to Arab Street to search for some hidden treasures. I like finding one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Arab Street area also houses quite a few Middle Eastern restaurants, offering Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian, and Moroccan food. Joe and I have really missed this type of cuisine since being in Singapore, so discovering these restaurants was quite a treat. We were lured in for Turkish cuisine at Derwish Restaurant by a man who I'm guessing is the owner. 

Derwish is ornately decorated with murals and intricate designs. Joe and I had hummus and an array of lamb, beef, and chicken kebabs. Although not quite like the Middle Eastern food back home, the food at Derwish was good and satisfying. I wouldn't be surprised if Joe and I visit Arab street a few more times before returning to the states.

Colorful fabrics at one store
Kebabs at Derwish

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