Tanjong Beach
Despite the fact that many countries in Southeast Asia have gorgeous beaches, Singapore's beaches are not the greatest. They are manmade (the sand is imported from Indonesia) and the water is not blue or clear (you can actually see huge ships in the distance and I imagine they pollute the water). However, my first visit to a Singapore beach was quite fun.

Today, I went to Tanjong Beach on Sentosa Island with my friend Nina (Nina is from Germany and works for BASF). Sentosa is Singapore's playground - aside from beaches, the island has a Universal Studios theme park, a casino and several resorts. 

Tanjong Beach is supposed to be one of Singapore's prettiest beaches. Since my expectations weren't that high (I had read and heard about the quality of Singapore's beaches before my visit), it lived up to its reputation. Nina and I hung out at the Tanjong Beach Club, a restaurant/bar with a pool and lounging areas. The mini resort was relaxing and fun, and the food was delicious! The ambiance at the club almost made me feel like I was not in Singapore. It's amazing to think that the beach is only about a 15-minute taxi ride away from our home right in the middle of the hustle and bustle on Orchard Road.

The highlight of the visit was the fact that I made a new friend - Sam the wiener dog. Sam's owner had fallen asleep beside us, and when he couldn't get her attention, he unexpectedly leapt onto our daybed for a belly rub :)

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